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Testi di falconeria

Training the Short-Winged Hawk by Derry Argue
The World of the Red-tailed Hawk by G. Ronald Austing
The Compleat Falconer by Frank L. Beebe
A Falconry Manual by Frank L. Beebe
Hawks, Falcons, & Falconry by Frank L. Beebe
North American Falconry and Hunting Hawks by Frank Beebe and H. M. Webster
Falconry by Gilbert Blaine
Buteos and Bushytails by Gary Brewer
Observations of Falconry and Pakistan by John Cox
The Modern Falconer by Diana Durman-Walters
Falconry for You by Humphrey Evans
Falconry: Art and Practice by Emma Ford
Falconry in Mews and Field by Emma Ford
Classical Falconry: A Treatise on Rook and Crow Hawking by Nick Fox
Understanding the Bird of Prey by Nick Fox
As the Falcon her Bells by Phillip Glasier
Falconry and Hawking by Philip Glasier
The Hunting Falcon by Bruce A. Haak
Falconry Basics: A Handbook for Beginners by Tony Hall
The Harris Hawk by Ian William Harris
Falconry for Beginners by Lee William Harris
Hints on the Management of Hawks by James E. Harting
Hawking Ground Quarry: A Treatise on Hawking by Martin Hollinshead
A Passion For Harris' Hawks by Martin Hollinshead
The Complete Rabbit and Hare Hawk by Martin Hollinshead
A Mixed Bag by Martin Hollinshead
Hawking With Golden Eagles by Martin Hollinshead
Falconry Equipment by Bryan A Kimsey and Jim Hodge
A Hawk for the Bush by J. G. Mavrogordato
A Falcon for the Field by J. G. Mavrogordato
Accipitrine Behavioral Problems - Diagnosis and Treatment by Michael McDermott
The Imprint Accipiter by Michael McDermott
Desert Hawking II by Harry McElroy
The Red-Tailed Hawk - A complete guide to training and hunting North America's most versatile game hawk by Liam McGranaghan
The Art and Practice of Hawking by E. B. Michell
American Kestrels in Modern Falconry by Matthew Mullenix
The Falconer's Apprentice - A Guide to Training the Red-Tailed Hawk by William Oakes
The History and Practice of Falconry by Allan Oswald
Falconry: Care, Captive Breeding and Conservation by Jemima Parry-Jones
Training Birds of Prey by Jemima Parry-Jones
American Hawking, a General Account of Falconry in the New World by Hans J. Peeters and E. W. Jameson, Jr
Discovering Falconry: A Comprehensive Guide to Contemporary Falconry by Sam R. Rowley
Hunting Rabbits & Hares by Richard P. Smith
Observations on Modern Falconry by Ronald Stevens
The Lure of the Falcon by Gerald Summers
A Manual of Falconry by Mike Woodford

My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George
There's an Owl in the Shower by Jean Craighead George
On the Far Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George
Frightful's Mountain by Jean Craighead George



Avian Medicine and Surgery by Robert B. Altman (Editor), Susan L. Clubb, Gerry M. Dorrestein
Captive Management of Raptors by Lori Arent
Reconditioning Raptors: A Training Manual for the Creance Technique by Lori Arent
BSAVA Manual of Raptors,Pigeons and Waterfowl by Beynon, Forbes and Harcourt-Brown
The Psychology of Birds by Harold E. Burtt
Avian Hematology and Cytology by Terry W. Campbell
Wound Care Manual by Carville
Veterinary Aspects of Captive birds of Prey by John E. Cooper
Birds of Prey: Health & Disease by John E. Cooper
Captive Birds In Health and Disease by John E. Cooper
A Flying Chance by Nancy Eilertsen
Ornithology by Franklin B. Gill
Birds of Prey: Medicine and Management by Manfred Heidenreich and Yvonne Oppenheim
Birds: Their Structure and Function by King and McLelland
Captive Raptor Management and Rehabilitation by Richard Naisbitt and Peter Holz
Avian Surgical Anatomy: Thoracic and Pelvic Limbs by Susan E. Orosz, Philip K. Ensley, Carol J. Haynes
Manual of Ornithology - Avian Structure and Function by Noble S. Proctor and Patrick J. Lynch
Medical Management of Birds of Prey by Dr. Pat Redig
Raptor Biomedicine by Dr. Patrick T. Redig, John E. Cooper, David Remple
Avian Medicine: Principles and Application by Branson W. Ritchie, Greg J. Harrison, Linda R. Harrison
Manual of Avian Practice by Agnes E. Rupley
Avian Management by Jaime Samours
Atlas of Avian Radiographic Anatomy by Stephen A. Smith, Bonnie J. Smith
Bird Behavior by John Sparks
Avian Medicine by Tully
Falcon Propagation: A Manual on Captive Breeding by James Weaver (Editor)
Sturkie's Avian Physiology by G. Causey Whittow



A Guide to the Nests, Eggs and Nestlings of North American Birds by Paul J. Baicich, Colin James Oliver Harrison
The Myth of the Vanishing Peregrine by Frank Beebe
The Hoax of the Century -The Endangered Falcon Scam by Frank Beebe
A Rage for Falcons by Stephen Bodio
Life Histories of North American Birds of Prey by Arthur Cleveland Bent Birds by Bent
Eagles, Hawks, and Falcons of the World by Leslie Brown and Dean Amadon
Falconry in the Valley of the Indus by Richard Francis Burton
Owls of the World by Richard Francis Burton
Eastern Birds of Prey: A Guide to the Private Lives of Eastern Raptors by Neal Clark
Hawks in the Hand: Adventures in Photography and Falconry by Frank Craighead and John Craighead
Hawks, Owls and Wildlife by John Johnson Craighead
Hawks in Flight: The Flight Identification of North American Migrant Raptors by Peter Dunne, David Sibley and Clay Sutton
The Wind Masters: The Lives of North American Birds of Prey by Pete Dunne
Peregrine by Emma Ford
Birds of Prey of the World by Mary L. Grossman and John Hamlet
An Eagle to the Sky by Fran Hamerstrom
One Man's Owl by Bernd Heinrich
Raptors: Birds of Prey by John Hendrickson
A Guide to Hawk Watching in North America by Donald S. Heintzelman
Hawks, Eagles and Falcons of North America: Biology and Natural History by Paul A. Johnsgard
Falconry Uncommon by George Kotsiopoulos
Falcons Return by John Kaufman and Heinz Meng
Learning to Fly by P.H Liotta
Sporting Chance by Daniel P. Mannix
A Hawk For The Bush by J. G. Mavrogordato
Equinox: Life, Love, and Birds of Prey by Dan O'Brien
The Rites of Autumn: A Falconer's Journey Across the American West by Dan O'Brien
Falconry in the Land of the Sun by S.M. Osman
Handbook of North American Birds/Diurnal Raptors by Ralph S. Palmer
A Field Guide to Western Birds by Roger Peterson
Birds of North America by C. S. Robbins, B. Bruun, and H. S. Zim
Birds of Prey by Floyd Scholz
Birds of Prey: Natural History and Conservation of North American Raptors by Noel Snyder, Helen Snyder
10,001 Titillating Tidbits of Avian Trivia by Frank S. Todd
Arab Falconry - History of a Way of Life by Roger Upton
Owls of the Northern Hemisphere by Karel Voous
The Raptor Almanac by Scott Weidensaul
Raptors: The Birds of Prey by Scott Weidensaul
A Photographic Guide to North American Raptors by Brian K. Wheeler, William S. Clark
Raptors of Eastern North America by Brian K. Wheeler
Raptors of Western North America by Brian K. Wheeler
Hawks of North America by Brian K. Wheeler
The Goshawk by T. H. White
Red-Tails in Love: The Mysteries of Urban Wildlife by Marie Winn

An Approved Treatise of Hawkes and Hawking by Edmond Bert
   Or its transliteration Training the Short-Winged Hawk - An Elizabethan Perspective by Derry Argue
Life With An Indian Prince by John J. Craighead and Frank C. Craighead, Jr.
The Art of Medieval Hunting: The Hound And The Hawk by John Cummins
The Art of Falconry or De arte venandi cum avibus by Frederick II of Hohenstau
Treatise on Falconry by The Emperor Frederick II
Meditations On Hunting by Ortega Y Gasset
Falcons and Falconry by Illingworth
The Art of Falconry by Gerald Lascelles
The Perfect Booke for Keping Sparhawkes or Goshawkes by an anonymous author
Lathams Falconry or the Faulcons Lure, and Cure in Two Books by Simon Latham
Cheape And Good Husbandry by Markham
Pilgrim and the Cowboy by Paul McKay
Traite de Fauconnerie by H. Schlegel
A Short Discourse of Hawking to the field with the high flying long-winged Hawkes, together with the sorting and ordering of Spaniels by Sir Thomas Sherley
Valkenswaard by Cultur Historisch Museum

Altri testi sulla falconeria: http://www.n-a-f-a.org/htm/about_fal/library.htm



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